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MiraDry the life-changing treatment for underarm odor and sweat.

Overactive underarm sweat glands cause daily stress and embarrassment for millions of people. Some suffer from odor that can’t be controlled, others can’t control the sweating. They’ll wear multiple shirts, avoid tank tops and white shirts, avoiding public speaking and even dating! For years we’ve prescribed prescription anti-perspirant and injected Botox for underarm sweating, but miraDry has put those two on the back burner. MiraDry is the only FDA approved device for the permanent reduction of odor, sweat, and hair of the underarm area in only 1-2 treatments.

On the day of treatment, your provider will use local anesthetic to numb your underarms. The miraDry treatment takes about an hour. Using electromagnetic waves, this external treatment targets the underarm sweat glands and destroys them permanently.

miraDry is non-invasive meaning little to no downtime.

Most patients report some swelling and mild discomfort for a couple of days, easily controlled with ice and Ibuprofen. All other treatments are temporary fixes. MiraDry is the perfect permanent solution for anyone consistently bothered by underarm sweat and who desires a treatment to become free from all of the discomfort, worry, clothing stains and stress it causes.

The results last a lifetime!