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Our revolutionary nonsurgical rejuvenation plan.
No stitches. No scalpels. Natural, balanced rejuvenation

SMARTlift is for clients who want the absolute best facial rejuvenation, without having a surgical facelift. Studies and surveys have repeatedly shown that 4 things make people look old or tired…sagging skin, volume loss, skin discolorations/sun damage, and wrinkles. And now science is backing up those observations. Scientific studies are consistently showing that programs addressing Prevention, Cell turnover, Collagen stimulation and 4D Structural Augmentation are the key to keeping your youthful appearance, not surgical facelifts.

Smartlift, our revolutionary nonsurgical rejuvenation plan, combines Lazerlift®, TotalFX®, fillers, topicals, Sculptra® and Voluma®, and takes 5-10 years off your appearance. Although we can’t change your genes or age, committing to home care and professional treatments that address all layers of the facial structure guarantees the best way to “avoid the knife” and have the most natural result.



  • LazerLift for skin tightening in the jowls & neckline
  • Liquid lift in the cheeks, temples, and jawline
  • Restylane Silk for under eye rejuvenation
  • Total FX skin rejuvenation on the face and neck


Our most exclusive long lasting anti-aging treatments at a 20% savings.