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Widely regarded as the most effective permanent fat reducing procedure, Smartlipo offers dramatic, smooth results on the abdomen, legs, love handles, knees, man boobs, arms and neck. Smartlipo requires minimal downtime (on average a weekend of laying low), is performed without general anesthesia. Results are often noticeable within a few days. Because laser energy is used during the procedure, patients report much smoother results and significant skin tightening compared to traditional liposuction.

This procedure is performed in three steps and takes about 2 hours…


What to Expect

First, through a 2 mm opening in the skin, local anesthetic is used to numb the treated areas. Next, a fiberoptic laser is inserted through the same openings to heat the skin and melt the fat. Finally, excess fat is gently suctioned away. Post-procedure, you will wear a compression garment (similar to a Spanx suit) for about 2 weeks. Everyday activities like walking, going to the store, etc… are encouraged within a couple of days. Most patients are back to work after a weekend and back to normal workout routines in 2 weeks.

Cosmetic Skin and Laser Center is the first and only practice in Northern Michigan to offer this state-of-the-art body sculpting technology. Dr. Lo has successfully transformed over 1,000 Cosmetic Skin and Laser Center clients with Smartlipo.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the fat removal permanent?

    When you gain weight, you expand the fat cells that you have. The Smartlipo procedure permanently removes fat cells to improve your body’s contour. Should you gain weight after liposuction, it goes to the fat cells that remain in your body. The localized fatty deposits that existed prior to liposuction can no longer balloon up out of proportion to the surrounding areas.
  • What will my skin look like?

    Liposuction will improve your ability to wear and look good in clothes, but dimples, ripples, and stretch marks will not improve and sometimes are even accentuated following liposuction. Your new figure will be similar to what you would expect if you could lose an equal amount of localized fat through diet and exercise alone. Because the SmartLipo laser tightens skin, excessive skin folds and looseness are rare; some patients avoid the necessity for tummy tuck by having excellent results with SmartLipo alone.
  • How many dress sizes will I lose after Smartlipo?

    Patients do see a change in shape and in the fit of their clothes, but specifics as to what dress size or waist circumference you’ll end up with are hard to predict. You generally do not lose much weight with this procedure, maybe a couple pounds. For patients who seek weight loss, the best approach is to use diet and exercise.
  • Can I have liposuction even if I intend to get pregnant and have more children?

    While liposuction can be done at any time of life, typically it is best to wait until after all childbirths in order to have liposuction. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be done before, but if you gain significant amounts of weight or even reasonable amounts, more fat may redistribute to the areas that have already been treated.
  • How long will the results for Smartlipo last?

    SmartLipo permanently removes fat cells and fatty tissue. It is difficult (not impossible) to regain fat in treated areas. If you gain weight in the future, it will more likely build up in other untreated areas.
  • Can Smartlipo be used if you are overweight?

  • When can a patient return to work?

    We generally perform SmartLipo on Fridays, and patients are back to work on Monday. Most of our staff have had SmartLipo, and all were back to work and light exercise by Monday.